I’m offering this split screen restoration project for sale on behalf of a customer who was very badly ripped off by a so called VW Specialist since declared bankrupt. There is no possibility of recovering the majority of money spent but it is for sale to at least get something back.

It arrived at Bughaus as a part shell along with another chassis and cab section from the same source. The shell was missing the lower front and wheel arches so the two were combined to make a generally complete shell. The chassis section is also for sale.

Before arriving here many new panels had been fitted. With regard to the work carried out to fit these I would say some is ok, some unfinished and some of poor quality but everything is visible there is no filler. From the chassis number it is a 1973 Brazilian.

To make it a more viable restoration project for someone to take on it was decided to fit running gear to the point of it being a rolling shell all of this is German. The front axle is very good used from a ’63 with a pair of rebuilt kingpin assemblies. The gearbox and rear axle are generally second hand items built up to get it rolling. Apart from used brake drums there are no other brake parts. There are some new mechanical parts where used were not in stock.

The van is not registered in the UK. The owner lives in Australia and intended to have it restored here before shipping it out there to be registered.

Offers invited, give us a call at the workshop on 0115 9589265 to discuss but being realistic if you are seriously interested best come and have a proper look (lockdown permitting) I can put it on the lift so you can see everything.